Has Joined The Hub Garage

Automotive enthusiasts and gear-heads should already be familiar with the They are an on-line community of home hobbyists, professional mechanics, garage and other types of automotive industry related business owners and pretty much anybody interested in cars. If you’re reading this blog, your probably already a member.

We decided it was about to join one of the most popular auto industry online communities. It’s a great vehicle for us to share news with the community about our products and services, industry related news, press releases and news bulletins, and videos.

It’s also a great way to get feedback from customers and to see what you are up to. You can share your thoughts about what we are doing, good or bad, we want to hear about it. It just helps us serve you better. Or maybe you just want to share your photos of your car on the car lift.

If you’re not a member, we encourage you to join as soon as possible. It’s  a great resource. So go ahead and dip your toe in the water and join us at the Hub Garage.