Is Now In Latest Issue Of Parts Finder

Automotive Service Equipment – , has been advertising in various media for over 16 years. You can find us all over the various search engines, as well as various car enthusiast web sites, along with auto service web sites. You may have also seen our credits on many automotive and garage industry television shows.

One other place you are likely to find us is in many of the finest industry trade magazines out there. You may have seen us in such popular car enthusiast magazines like Hemmings Motor News, Old Cars Weekly and Deals On Wheels.

You can also find us frequently appearing in service trade publications like The Locator, Tech Shop Magazine and Professional Tool & Equipment news.

Another one of our favorite trade magazines we like to advertise in is Auto & Truck Parts Finder. This regional publication has a circulation of over 20,000 and is very popular in the north east United States. It reaches shop owners in states from Maryland to maine. If need to find parts, as the name implies, the Parts Finder is a great choice.

You can click on the link below to view our ad which appears monthly on the back cover.