Latest Motion Picture Connection – The Other Guys

We explained to you previously how we supplied a BendPak four post lift to the upcoming Will Farrell / Mark Wahlberg Sony / Columbia Pictures film, The Other Guys. We told you we would notify you when it was set for release. Latest word is that it will premier on August 6th 2010. This soon to be released police comedy not only stars the above mentioned actors, but also features Samuel Jackson, The Rock, and Michael Keaton. The support staff needed a reliable Car Lift for their production facilities, and since we have supplied Bend Pak lifts for several other films they produced, they knew from experience that ASEdeals would be able to supply them with a reliable, durable product. You may recall we supplied automotive lifts to several other films, including The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Taking of Pelham 123. You can check out the trailer for The Other Guys below. It looks like a sure hit to us.
The Other Guys