Auto Makers See Sales Increase

The steady drum beat of negative news that had been coming from the auto industry over the past few years is beginning to wane. After years of negative news, auto manufacturers from USA, Europe, and Asia are seeing renewed increases in sales and are raising forecasts.
Nissan beat third quarter estimates, and they raised guidance for future quarters. Toyota also increased forcasts, although, they actually saw a decrease in sales in the US.
US automakers also got in on the act and came out with better than expected sales figures and increased estimates for future quarters. Sales of new cars rose over 13% for October, leading to the best figures in two years. Chrysler had the strongest increase at over 37%, while Ford saw sales increase 19%. GM saw a modest increase of 3.5%
Perhaps the sales of all these cars will lead to an increase in demand for Car Lifts.
All this leads us to believe the worst is behind us, and while we still have a long road ahead of us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.