Auto Shop Safety And Worker’s Comp Issues – Part 2

This is part two of a three part series –

Many auto shop floors are slick, especially when wet. There are various sources for floor covering surfaces that will not only keep your floor safer, but will also help you clean it easier. For a small up-front cost, it can be well worth it to coat your floor with one of these non-skid surfaces. Just one slip can cause all kinds of headaches, not just for the accident victim, but for you as well. Coating your floor with a quality surface can also renovate your shop, and make it look cleaner, neater and more professional. Don’t overlook this benefit. Many consumers based their opinions of you and your shop on it’s appearance. You may run the best shop, and perform quality work at a reasonable price, but you still may turn them off by your appearance.

Eliminate tripping hazards. So many injuries are cause by a cluttered shop. Keep air and oil hoses out of the way. A great piece of equipment to keep hoses out of the way is one of our spring rewind Air Hose Reels. We carry many different models by different manufacturers. Most come in 50 foot lengths, with a 3/8 inch inside diameter hose. Some are high pressure lines, and some handle more than just air. You can run lubricants through some too.

Air Hose Reel
In the same vein as a long term, chronic health concern, you may want to consider getting an Aqueous Brake Washer. You don’t want employees We carry the EcoMaster 1435 by KleenTec. It has a flow through brush that allows the safe, water-based detergent to clean all of the brake dust out from the wheel, eliminating any hazards and safely storing the brake dust in a filter.

Aqueous Brake Washer

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