Automotive Lift Manufacturer Choices – Numerous options

There are a plethora of choices on the market these days when it comes to choosing an Automotive Lift. Two post lifts, four post lifts, scissor lifts, low rise lifts, mid rise lifts, pit lifts, mobile column lifts, alignment lifts and more.
This article is not going to touch on the different types of lifts. It is going to describe the three different manufacturers that we currently carry.

Top of the list is our BendPak Lifts. BendPak is one of the premier car lift manufacturers in the industry with over 40 years in the business. Most of their two post lifts and four post lifts are ALI Certified. ALI is the Automotive Lift Institute. They are the recognized authority on lift quality and safety standards.

BendPak Lifts are top-of-the-line all the way. They have the best features, the best warranty, the best quality components. Features such as dual safeties on their four post lifts and triple telescoping arms on most of their two post lifts are what set them apart from other manufacturers.
The BendPak warranty for their two post and four post lifts is five years on structure, one year on power unit and wear parts, and one year of on-site service. So if there is a warranty issue that can’t be resolved by phone, a technician

We also carry Dannmar two post lifts and four post lifts. We have been carrying them for about eight years now and are very pleased with the feedback on them. They hold up well over time and parts are readily available. The best way to describe the Dannmar Lifts would be to designate them a good quality mid-grade lift. Not top-of-the-line, not economy lift, but mid grade.

Next, we carry Tuxedo Lifts. These lifts are  also another good mid-grade manufacturer. Although they do have a couple of economy models for those customers who are on a budget, but want a good, reliable auto lift. They also even have one two post lift model that is ALI Certified. They have a wide selection of models, including 8 two post lifts, over a dozen four post lifts and even a scissor alignment lift.

While the quality may vary on these lifts, they all have one thing in common. They are all reliable, durable lifts by quality manufacturers and we have been carrying them all for over 7 years, which means they are not some fly-by-night outfit that will disappear the days after your purchase.

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