Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction A Huge Success

All accounts of the recent Barrett – Jackson Classic Car / Collector Car auction from January 17 – 23 was a huge success. High end cars received premium bids, and mid range cars also did quite well. Sales were reported to be up over 10 % from last year, with total sales topping $70 million.
This was Barrett Jackson’s 40th anniversary, so it was a special event.
You could watch the highlights unfold live on cable TV if you wished. This not only makes for interesting TV, but it also serves as a primer course on what to expect if you plan on selling, buying or just attending the event in the future.
Many celebrities and athletes were there, including Richard Petty, Randy Johnson, Brett Michaels, Tim Allen, Valleri Bertinelli and many more.
One of the more notable sales was the 1963 Pontiac Bonneville “JFK ambulance”, which sold for $132,000. This was the vehicle that carried JFK’s body to the hospital.
Classic Car Edsel
Classic Car - Edsel

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