BendPak Lift Color Options

Some people want options. Auto shop owners and home hobbyists who purchase our BendPak Lifts will ask for all kinds of options / accessories. Sometimes it’s truck adapters for their two post lifts, (which come standard on all Bend Pak Lifts). Other times, a home hobbyist will purchase the optional caster kit for their four post lift, so they can roll it around their shop and make it a portable lift.
Most customers are happy with the standard shade of blue that Bend Pak offers for their lifts. But every so often, we get special requests from customers for an alternate color. BendPak is able to accommodate these customers for a reasonable fee. The basic alternatives offered are the traditional black and red. Another option is yellow. These colors come at two different options when it comes to time frame. If you are in no hurry, and would like to save a buck or two, the “long term” time frame option price is very reasonable and typically takes 60 to 90 days to become available. The fee could run from $130 to $175 for a 10,000 lb. two post lift. If you cannot wait that long, you can always go for the “expedited” rate, which runs over $400 for the same type of lift. This should be ready to ship out in a couple of weeks typically. If you desire a custom color, give us a call at 800-229-6218 and we’ll quote you on that.
No matter what you need, we’re here to make you happy.

BendPak Lift