BendPak Lift Summer Sale At

ASEDeals is currently having a sale on select models. Our BendPak two post 10,000 lb lifts and our 9,000 lb. four post lifts are currently on sale at the lowest prices for the season. If you’re on the market for a quality two post lift, now is the time.

BendPak’s latest models are chocked full O’ features and quality that you just won’t find on your typical car lift. The XPR-10ACX asymmetric lift has the ability to position it’s arms symmetrically in the event that you have a vehicle that has more of it’s weight in the rear and therefore would not balance out well in the asymmetric position. They are nice and stout, with taller lift carriages (53 inches tall), that leads to less stress on the posts. The most popular feature is the 3 stage arms in the front which means greater ability to reach at various vehicles jacking points that might be difficult to reach with the traditional two stage arms found on most car lifts.

Plus, when you purchase a BendPak Lift, you can buy with confidence that your getting one of the best lifts in the industry, at a very reasonable price. Bend Pak will always have parts for their lifts, even the old, discontinued models. Try getting parts for a discontinued model from one of those bargain car lift manufacturers out there.
And let’s not forget about ALI Certification. It means so much for a lift to be ALI Certified. But most importantly, it means you know you’ve got a lift that meets very strict safety and quality standards, and that it has a ALI, “Gold Seal” of approval.
Finally, there’s BendPak’s 5 year limited warranty that includes one year of on-site service.

As they say, timing is everything. And right now, with our summer sale on our BendPak Lifts winding down, the time is right for a great deal on a Two Post Lift. Don’t miss out.

XPR-10AC Two Post Lift