BendPak Two Post Lift Pad options

We carry several different Car Lift manufacturers. Forward, Challenger, Dannmar and BendPak. The best lifts by far are our BendPak Two Post Lifts for many reasons. One of those reasons is the triple telescoping arms. Another reason is that they are ALI certified. Yet another reason is the variety of options available for them. For instance, the pads that touch the vehicle frame. BendPak Lifts come standard with a rectangular steel pad with a rubber slip-on pad over it. The rubber is there to protect the vehicle from scratches underneath to avoid potential for corrosion. The rubber slip-on pad is replaceable.

Two Post Lift Pads

BendPak also offers other options. They offer a steel lift pad option. This steel lift pad is a round pad that is concave and cupped like a traditional floor jack saddle. These steel lift pads are popular with customers who want a pad that won’t allow slippage when lifting a surface that is rounded, (like an axle).

Steel Car Lift Pad

Then they have a Frame Cradle Adapter Pad. The frame cradle adapter pad is a rectangular pad that is bent up at a 90 degree angle on two sides. The purpose of this style is similar to the steel lift pad. The frame cradle adapter also has a rubber pad in the center to protect the vehicle underside.

Frame Cradle Pad Adapter

Finally, they offer a screw pad adapter kit. This has infinitely adjustable height adapters for those customers who prefer precision when it comes to the height of the adapter.

Screw Pad Adapter

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  1. hi, how much for the screw pad adapter kit, (4) screw pads (4) 6 inch heigh adapters? ALSO WHAT IS YOUR PART NUMBER FOR THE KIT YOU HAVE OFFERED? THANKS

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