BendPak vs Backyard Buddy – Four Post Lift Comparison

Backyard Buddy has advertised for years now about how their four post lifts are the best on the market. They frequently post pictures in their ads of competing lifts that have failed in a catastrophic way. Well, BendPak  decided to add their two cents to the conversation.
BB was lumping all home / hobbyist 4 post lifts together as being inferior and having the potential to fail, so BendPak came out with their comparison to BB as an answer. It really hits home too. It points out the many superior features of the BendPak HD9 series lifts over the Backyard Buddy.
First and foremost, the BendPak HD9 four post lift is ALI Certified. This is not a minor detail. ALI (The Automotive Lift Institute) is the recognized authority when it comes to automotive lift quality and safety standards. There are only a few home/hobby lifts on the market that are ALI Certified. The Backyard Buddy lift is NOT ALI Certified.
The BendPak Lift has features that most other home hobby lifts, (including BB) don’t have, like dual safeties. It has a slack cable safety, in addition to the typical mechanical safety found on most lifts. The BendPak lift has been certified to lift 3 times it’s rated capacity without failure.
BB has many exposed cables and working components which means not only a cosmetically undesirable lift, but potential hazards in the way of pinch points. BendPak’s internal ladder locking system also allows you to adjust your locking position heights in the event that your floor isn’t perfectly level. This is not the case with BB.
Please remember, just because you pay more for a lift, doesn’t make it better. BendPak can afford to manufacture their lifts at a lower price due to economies of scale. Meaning that because they manufacture so many lifts, they can do so at a more affordable rate per lift. BendPak is a true world leader when it comes to manufacturing car lifts.
There are too many more differences to list them all here. Please check out the complete comparison here.

BendPak Lift