BendPak vs Rotary 2 Post Lifts

Customers frequently ask us, ” How does your BendPak Lift compare to a Rotary lift”? It’s a reasonable question as a consumer. After all, Rotary is a well known car lift manufacturer with decades of experience in building lifts and a great reputation. Both manufacturers are top of the line and are ALI Certified. So when BendPak  recently came out with their BendPak vs Rotary Two Post Lift Comparison, we stood up and took notice.
Look, we have carried BendPak lifts for over 10 years and we know they have a great product with fantastic features and a reputation of quality and reliability. We always assumed that the BendPak lifts would be comparable to the Rotary lifts when it came to quality and features, and that BendPak would have the edge when it came to price.
This guide BendPak introduced really opened our eyes. It illustrates in a very clear and concise way how the BendPak two post lifts are superior in many ways.
First, it shows how the BendPak lifts are just plain heavier, beefier, and produced with thicker steel. The columns weigh dramatically more. The arms and lift carriages are also significantly stronger and more heavy duty. One look at the cables shows that they are a thicker gauge and the equalizer cable pulleys are larger diameter as well. Then take a look at the hydraulic cylinder, there’s more stroke and a flow restrictor on the BendPak cylinder. Let’s not forget about the very popular triple telescoping arms on the BendPak lift.
There are too many differences to list here in this post. We urge you to take a look for yourself by clicking on the following link – BendPak vs Rotary Comparison.

BendPak Lift