Car Lift Garage Door Opener Modifications

Residential and Home Hobbyist customers who are considering getting a two post lift or Four Post Lift for their home garage often have a concern about their garage door opener being in the way when they raise their car on the lift.

The traditional garage door openers have the motor / unit mounted on the ceiling, typically right above where your car would be when you are raising it on your lift. You may have adequate ceiling height, but your garage door opener gets in the way, and can keep you from raising the car to the maximum lifting height. Fortunately, there are options out there that will allow you to mount the garage door opener right on the side of the garage door.

Enter the Liftmaster 3800 side mount garage door opener. This smart product positions your opener motor to the side of the garage door on the wall. No more worries about the opener being in the way. This is perfect for lift customers that have enough ceiling height for lifting their car, but just barely enough. You can even view a video of Jay Leno  demonstrating the Liftmaster side mount garage door opener on his own home garage.

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  1. These LiftMaster side mount Jackshaft garage door openers are great. Before the only alternative was the iDrive by Wayne Dalton, but they stopped making them when Overhead Door Corp bought them out. The Jackshaft is way better anyways. Jay Leno made a great choice installing them

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