Car Parts Availability – Monopoly?

A recent trend has caught the eye of members of the QPC (Quality Parts Coalition).
Auto manufacturers have increased patented design replacement car parts, eliminating the ability for repair shops and consumers to purchase more affordable alternatives.
This is disturbing to the QPC in several ways. First, it limits the availability of replacement parts, which can affect how quickly repairs can be done to automobiles. Second, it has the potential to increase the cost of replacement parts, since there is no competition, and repair parts will be more expensive. This increases the number of cars that are totaled due to accidents.
Some members of the US House of Representatives and Senate have proposed a bill that would address this issue. H.R. 3059/S. 1368  (the Access to Repair Parts Act), would prevent a monopoly on parts and allow for alternative parts manufacturing.
The potential passage of such legislation could have a significant impact on the speed and cost of collision repairs.
The next time your vehicle is up on a Car Lift, you may be affected by this legislation.

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