Give To Home For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause

No auto lifts in this post. This is the time of year for giving. And anybody who’s followed us for the past few years knows that our pet cause is the very worthy charity called Homes For Our Troops. We have been supporting them for over 5 years now. What better way to show your appreciation … Continue reading “Give To Home For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause”

Dannmar Lift Price Increase Coming March 1st

Customers who were on the market for a Dannmar Two Post Lift, Four Post Lift, or MaxJax portable two post lift – Listen Carefully!  The manufacturer, Dannmar, has a significant price increase coming March 1st. This increase is going to be one of the most dramatic price increases we’ve ever seen by any of our … Continue reading “Dannmar Lift Price Increase Coming March 1st”

Automobile Fuel Efficiency Standards – Is There A Happy Medium?

We all want clean air. In 2010, USA automobile manufactures reported figures that indicate that the American consumer is not yet willing to sacrifice comfort and safety for fuel efficiency. Sales of Trucks and SUV’s were up 20 to 30 % in 2010 while sales for hybrid cars were down. The argument for hybrid vehicle … Continue reading “Automobile Fuel Efficiency Standards – Is There A Happy Medium?”

It’s Christmas – Now Is The Time To Give To Those Who Sacrificed

We’ve had another great year thanks to great customers like you. We’ve sold plenty of Automotive Lifts, Floor Jacks, Air Compressors and Tire changers over the past 12 months. We’ve truly been blessed. One way we share our blessings is by donating to our favorite cause – Homes For Our Troops. You’ve heard us talk about it … Continue reading “It’s Christmas – Now Is The Time To Give To Those Who Sacrificed”

Auto Makers See Sales Increase

The steady drum beat of negative news that had been coming from the auto industry over the past few years is beginning to wane. After years of negative news, auto manufacturers from USA, Europe, and Asia are seeing renewed increases in sales and are raising forecasts. Nissan beat third quarter estimates, and they raised guidance … Continue reading “Auto Makers See Sales Increase”

AAPEX Product Guide

If you’re headed to the AAPEX show in Las Vegas (November 2 – 4th) , you may want to check out their new Product Showcase Guide. For those people attending, it’s a vital resource of information on who will be attending and presenting and a source for information on the wide variety of products that … Continue reading “AAPEX Product Guide”

Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry

Whiskey is the latest Bio fuel ingredient that will be available for vehicle consumption in Europe. Scottish scientists at Edinburgh Napier University have done research in the area of bio-fuels recently and came up with a Whiskey based bio-fuel that shows promise. The fuel is actually made from the by-products of the alcohol, not the alcohol itself. … Continue reading “Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry”

Automotive Industry Meets at AAPEX In Las Vegas

AAPEX is the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. This is an annual event of industry leaders that gather in Las Vegas Nevada in early November every year. This year, the show runs November 2nd through the 4th. Attendance numbers are over 100,000 each year. Everybody who’s anybody will be there. The benefits of attending include being able … Continue reading “Automotive Industry Meets at AAPEX In Las Vegas”

A Great Resource For Automotive Gearheads

Anybody who hasn’t been hiding in a cave for the past ten or twenty years knows that Jay Leno is a serious car buff. He not only likes collecting them, but he also enjoys working on them. He has a website along with NBC that is a great resource for car buffs called Jay Leno’s … Continue reading “A Great Resource For Automotive Gearheads”

Car Lift Garage Door Opener Modifications

Residential and Home Hobbyist customers who are considering getting a two post lift or Four Post Lift for their home garage often have a concern about their garage door opener being in the way when they raise their car on the lift. The traditional garage door openers have the motor / unit mounted on the … Continue reading “Car Lift Garage Door Opener Modifications”