BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Car Lifts

This design has been around for several years now, and you may have seen others like it, but none as good as the BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Car Lift. BendPak doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to any of their products. Many competitors have models that may look similar, but upon further inspection, you’ll … Continue reading “BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Car Lifts”

BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift

If you’re a lube shop owner, you need this lift. It’s the BendPak P6 Pit Lift. While this Car Lift is made to straddle pits in oil change and lube shops, that’s not it’s only use. Many shop owners that don’t have a pit will get it for performing body work, brake work and tire rotations. Like … Continue reading “BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift”

New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift

I’ve been waiting for a lift like this! That’s what we’ve been hearing from customers since we started carrying the new iDeal MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift . It’s part pallet jack, part forklift, and 100 percent smart. This lift is an intelligent choice for auto shops or salvage yards, or anybody who wants to raise a … Continue reading “New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift”

BendPak Low Rise Auto Lifts

BendPak has probably the widest range of different types of lifts out there. With over 40 years of experience, it’s no wonder why. While they are most well known for their two post lifts and four post lifts, they have all kinds of other specialty lifts. They have two different low rise Auto Lifts. The … Continue reading “BendPak Low Rise Auto Lifts”

New BendPak Lift – Turf Equipment Lift

Many Golf  course and other lawn and turf maintenance facilities now have a two post lift by BendPak for turf equipment. The new XPR-7TR Turf Equipment Lift is the latest edition to the BendPak Lift line-up. Customers have been asking for this type of lift for some time, and BendPak has now delivered. It is … Continue reading “New BendPak Lift – Turf Equipment Lift”

Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops

Lube shops across the country have requested a lift that allows full access to the vehicle from the underside, for quick oil changes from below in a pit, as well as access to the sides, for brake and body work. They now have it in the BendPak P-6 and P-6F pit lift. Obviously no one … Continue reading “Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops”

New Customer BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Lift Pictures

We always like to keep you updated on the latest pictures that customers provide us of their products that they purchased. The latest entry is the BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise portable Car Lift from Raymond Haney out of Roseville, CA. Ray said, “Hey Guys. Here’s a couple of pictures of my new MD6XP scissor lift. It … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Lift Pictures”