Internet Sales Expected To Increase In 4th Quarter

While Black Friday is traditionally the biggest volume day when it comes to retail sales in traditional brick and mortar store outlets each year, traditionally, the Monday after Thanksgiving day tends to be the busiest day for on-line shoppers. It’s called Cyber Monday. The term describes the busiest day for internet sales for the year. … Continue reading “Internet Sales Expected To Increase In 4th Quarter”

AAPEX & SEMA Shows Boast Huge Attendance

AAPEX and SEMA are the two largest automotive industry events each year. They were held this year in Las Vegas from October 1st through November 3rd. We attended this year and can verify first hand that there were plenty of participants / exhibitors as well as attendees. The figures aren’t in just yet, but last year, over 51,000 people … Continue reading “AAPEX & SEMA Shows Boast Huge Attendance”

Congress Passes 3 New Trade Agreements

Congress recently passed three trade agreements that were sitting on a shelf because the Obama administration had previously indicated they would not sign them. The deals were approved with Columbia, Panama and South Korea. The president’s change of heart can most likely be attributed to the ongoing general malaise in the economy and the continued … Continue reading “Congress Passes 3 New Trade Agreements” is now on Twitter is now on Twitter! We know what you’re thinking – what took you so long? Well, to be honest, we don’t know. We were a bit slow to jump into this new media. But we finally have jumped in with both feet. And you can benefit by staying tuned, because we will be providing … Continue reading “ is now on Twitter”

New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards Unveiled

We have touched on this subject in previous posts. Lost in the busy news week last week was an important story for the auto industry. The Obama administration just unveiled that they are mandating new fuel efficiency standards for automobiles that will raise the standards to require a much higher 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025. This … Continue reading “New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards Unveiled”

Flying Car Cleared For Takeoff

We mentioned the Terrafugia flying car in a previous post. At that time, they had completed research and development and were seeking approval for use in the USA. News just came out that the flying car has been approved for use in the USA. Just in time too. Traffic is increasing every year. The National … Continue reading “Flying Car Cleared For Takeoff”

Free ASE Deals T Shirt & Prizes For Customers Who Send Us Pics

ASE Deals has a new policy we just implemented this month. Customers who email us a picture of their recent purchase along with a testimonial / comments will get a free T shirt. We thought it would be a great way open dialog with our customers and to see how they are applying their products to their … Continue reading “Free ASE Deals T Shirt & Prizes For Customers Who Send Us Pics”

Don’t Miss The New York Auto Show This Week

Looking for something to do this weekend? If you are, and you’re in the New York area, swing on by the 2011 New York International Auto Show. It will take place from Jacob Javits Center from April 22-May 1. It’s always a great event and a source of information for anybody interested in the auto … Continue reading “Don’t Miss The New York Auto Show This Week”

Toyota To Shut Down American Plants

The earthquake in Japan has caused industry experts to lower their ratings for Toyota. In the wake of this, along with the anemic economy, and the  recall issues last year, Toyota can’t seem to catch a break. They just announced plans to shutdown their North American plants. Toyota claims the parts shortage due to the disaster in … Continue reading “Toyota To Shut Down American Plants”