New Customer Two Post Lift Picture

This is yet another customer testimonial along with some pictures. This customer purchased a BendPak XPR-18C Two Post Lift. The features and quality of the BendPak two post lifts have been well documented on our web site over the course of the past 15 years that we have been selling them. BendPak is the leading … Continue reading “New Customer Two Post Lift Picture”

Customer Car Lift Modification

We always share with you our customer pictures when customers are kind enough to share their experience and feedback with us. In this case, the customer is Karl Wilen out of Olatha, KS.  He purchasedour BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Lift. This lift is extremely popular with the home / hobbyist crowd, because it’s got the features … Continue reading “Customer Car Lift Modification”

New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures

The latest customer picture and testimonial to come in is from Joe Raymond from LTM Auto Repair out of Pontiac, MI. They purchased a BendPak Lift from us years ago, and when they were in the market for a new automotive lift recently, there was no question what they were going to get. The P6-F Pit Lift by … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures”

New Customer Four Post Lift Pictures

Customers love sharing their pictures of their garages with us, and of their car lifts as well. It’s great because it gives us an opportunity to view these products in a real world application, not just some manufacturer’s Photoshop touched up image. When these customers include a testimonial, it also can give some needed insight … Continue reading “New Customer Four Post Lift Pictures”

More New Customer 2 Post Lift Pictures

Customers love to send us their pictures of their auto shops and garages. They like showing off their Automotive Lifts in action and we love seeing them. The latest is from a customer in South Carolina who has a fabrication shop. They purchased our BendPak XPR-12FD Two Post Lift. And check out the truck they modified in the … Continue reading “More New Customer 2 Post Lift Pictures”

ASE Deals Hollywood Connection Update

We notified you in a previous post that we had supplied some automotive equipment to the new Columbia /Sony Pictures production, The Green Hornet. They needed a Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer, and we supplied them with a Ranger RX950 tire changer, along with the popular DST1200 Wheel Balancer. They needed this equipment to work on the … Continue reading “ASE Deals Hollywood Connection Update”

New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures

Customer love when we post their pictures up on our web site. They frequently send us pictures of their garages that they set up. And the most popular products they send us pictures of is their automotive lifts. One recent customer to send us his pictures was Robert Manwaring. He purchased a BendPak XPR-10ACX Two Post … Continue reading “New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures”

More Recent Customers enjoys a wide variety of customers and we have seen a customer base that comes from a myriad of different industries over the past 14 years. Whether it’s an Automotive Lift, tire changer, floor jack, air compressor or tool box, we’ve seen all kinds of different customers. From Schools and government agencies, including the military, … Continue reading “More Recent Customers”

More Customer Two Post Lift Pictures

This is yet another installment of our customer pictures and testimonials. This is where we show you what our customers are saying about us and show you the pictures they send us of some of their shops or auto shop equipment. This time, it’s from a Subaru Dealership service department out of Maine. Just another … Continue reading “More Customer Two Post Lift Pictures”

Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III

We’ve told you in the past about all the different Hollywood flicks we’ve supplied auto shop equipment to over the past 14 years. These productions require all kinds of support, including a full service auto maintenance facility. And when they do, they frequently come to At least Disney, Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures do. … Continue reading “Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III”