Customer Motorcycle Lift Pictures

Here is another posting of customer pictures. This time, it’s of our Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift. This is our most popular motorcycle lift of all the different models we carry. And why not? It’s got the best features, the greatest lifting capacity (1650 lbs) and the highest lifting height (43 inches). Plus it has retractable … Continue reading “Customer Motorcycle Lift Pictures”

Ranger RML750HD ATV And Motorcycle Lift

A very popular product with customers over the past 5 years or so is the Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift. This can be attributed to several reasons. First, The manufacturer is Ranger Products, a division of BendPak, Inc. They are one of the top names in the automotive lift business. They’ve been around for over … Continue reading “Ranger RML750HD ATV And Motorcycle Lift”

New Customer Ranger Motorcycle Lift Pictures

Here’s yet another installment of customer pictures and testimonials. Many of our customers love seeing this type of correspondence at times just to see what other people are doing with this type of equipment, and others to get a better idea on what other applications there may be for the equipment. In this case, … Continue reading “New Customer Ranger Motorcycle Lift Pictures”