Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fans

It’s that time of year again! Summer is here. Auto shop owners across the nation are doing everything they can to help keep their technicians cool on these hot, steamy dog days of summer. But traditional methods just aren’t practical. Air conditioning cant cool off large open spaces that well, and it can get very … Continue reading “Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fans”

Engine Hoist Choices

An engine hoist is a vital piece of equipment for any auto shop. Of course, it is essential for lifting motors, but that’s not it’s only use. It can be used anytime you need to move any heavy item in your shop, or in your parking lot even. Choosing an engine hoist can be complex. … Continue reading “Engine Hoist Choices”

New Jet Blast Tank By Cyclone For Bead Seating Tires

Did you ever have a hard time seating the bead of a tire on your Tire Changer? Many modern rim clamp tire changers have an air tank in the back of the unit, and hoses that lead from the air tank to the jaws that clamp onto the rims of the wheel. Once you’ve mounted … Continue reading “New Jet Blast Tank By Cyclone For Bead Seating Tires”

New Product Spotlight – Coolspace Shop Cooling Fans

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Once that thermometer starts reaching summertime temperatures in the spring, you can count on shop owners looking for a way to cool down their employees. There’s a good reason for this. A comfortable employee is a more productive employee. When it gets hot this summer, give … Continue reading “New Product Spotlight – Coolspace Shop Cooling Fans”

History Of Brakes And KleenTech Brake Washer

Brake pads have been manufactured out of many different materials over the course of the past several decades. For many years, they were made of asbestos because of it’s properties of not burning up under extreme heat. But human health concerns caused regulators to phase them out in the late 1980’s. Then came steel pads … Continue reading “History Of Brakes And KleenTech Brake Washer”

ASEDeals.com Supplies Equipment To Popular Television Show

ASEDeals.com was recently contacted by the producers of the very popular television show “Two Guys Garage”. They asked us to supply them with a transmission fluid exchange machine for an upcoming episode. In case you aren’t familiar with it, this show is an extremely popular program that airs on the Speed Channel. They cover any and all … Continue reading “ASEDeals.com Supplies Equipment To Popular Television Show”

The Ethanol Debate

In a seemingly futile attempt to decrease the amount of fuel Americans burn each year, the government has increased the allowed percentage of Ethanol in gasoline. The maximum percentage mixture previously was 10 percent. This caused all kinds of problems especially for small engines as it ruins components such as seals, gaskets and hoses. Engine manufacturers … Continue reading “The Ethanol Debate”

New Product Spotlight: AFF Model 944 Teardown Table

The AFF model 944 heavy duty Teardown Table is a very popular table for auto shop owners who want a table that can stand up to heavy use and abuse, and still get the job done. It’s perfect for taking apart transmissions and heavy, dirty parts. It’s got a drain on one side of the … Continue reading “New Product Spotlight: AFF Model 944 Teardown Table”

Exhaust Vent Systems – A Vital Piece For Your Shop

Auto shop owners who want to avoid having sick employees should consider getting a portable exhaust vent system to remove those harmful fumes from the garage.  The main culprit is Carbon Monoxide (CO). There are CO detectors that can warn you of high CO levels in your shop. There are also detectors that can tell you … Continue reading “Exhaust Vent Systems – A Vital Piece For Your Shop”

Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks

All shop owners want to save time because time is money – right? One way to save time is to get a set of Accutorq Torq Sticks. They allow you to quickly reference the guide chart to determine which stick to choose, and then just pull it out and use it. These Torq Sticks will … Continue reading “Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks”