Christie Battery Chargers – Made in USA

Battery chargers made in USA? No such thing you say? Well, actually, it is true. It is getting close to impossible to find equipment of this type that is made in America anymore. But Christie Battery Chargers are still made in the good old USA, and they have no plans to change that.
The Made in USA label is great and all, but what good is it if the quality is inferior? You don’t have to worry about that. Christie Battery Chargers are the absolute best in the industry. Does that statement make you skeptical? Do too many battery charger manufacturers make claims like that? The proof is in the pudding.
Check out some features –
UL Listed for Outdoor Use
Warranty Plan: America’s Best – Five years free replacement of transformers and rectifiers; Two years on other parts; One year free service labor at over 200 authorized Service Centers nationwide. Cables, cords and clamps excluded.
Vehicle/Operator Safety Protection
Christie’s exclusive Spike Voltage Protection and Automatic Reverse
Polarity Protection features prevent damage to vehicle computer electronic systems from charging voltage spikes/surges and reverse boosting. Also prevents sparks due to accidental reverse connections which can cause battery explosion.
Rugged heavy guage steel construction. Made to last and to hold up to serious commercial shop use. You know how it is in auto shops. These guys are going to beat their equipment up. You don’t have to worry with Christie battery chargers. They will hold up to the most extreme use.
Plus there are so many different models with features that you won’t find on other models out there. They even have a Dud-Buster model. Made for sulfated batteries that most people would consider a lost cause and would throw it out.
Check them out on our web site and get back to us at 800-229-6218 with any questions.

Christie Battery Charger