Diesel System Cleaner By ASEDeals.com

Diesel engines have changed over the years. Performance has improved, and manufacturers have decreased emissions dramatically. However these improvements have not eliminated the need for service.

Sulphur content and contaminants have been decreased and performance has been enhanced by improvements to the fuel as well as the engineering of the latest electronically controlled engines. When diesel as well as other carbon based fuels are burned, a by product that is produced is Carbon (long with other contaminants).

Carbon deposits cause all kinds of problems and lead to inefficient fuel combustion because they do not atomize as well. When you shut down a diesel engine, the fuels in the motor is extremely hot, and the fuel separates as the heavier components settle to the bottom. This is the leading cause of the fuel system problems.

Given these common problems, it stands to reason that it’s a good idea to prevent these problems before they occur, so that you dont need to replace more expensive engine components, like fuel injectors and pumps.

This is where our Motorvac Diesel Tune IDT 4000 comes in. After you connect it to the vehicle’s system, the detergent is circulated through the fuel system and cleans deposits off the injectors, valves, rings, fuel pump, and other surfaces. The contaminants are removed by a 5 micron filter to leave the system clean and fresh.

Motorvac Diesel System Cleaner