Driverless Car

If Google has it’s way, there may be a time in the not too distant future when you can just jump in your car, tell it where to go, and sit back and let it take you there. Then maybe you can get some work done, read a newspaper, put on your make-up, or just relax. Well, maybe that’s hoping for too much. You’ll probably want to monitor your progress and make sure you’re traveling safely. They’ve pioneered a technology that allows an automobile to safely drive itself.
Google believes this technology will eventually make driving safer, potentially eliminating “driver error”. Speaking for ourselves, we trust our own driving more than we would a computer, however we’re not so sure about everybody else. We’ve seen too many people DWD (driving while distracted). Lots of cell phone users, moms yelling at children in the back seat, women applying makeup, and even guys reading the sports page.
Most of the cars you’ll find in auto body shops across the country that are in there for repairs sitting up on the Automotive Lift because of human error. So it stands to reason that if you remove that problem from the equation, you should be able to lower the statistics.

What do you think? Would the roads be safer with cars that don’t have human drivers?
Check out the collection of accidents below.