ESCO Automotive Jack Stands

ESCO is a notable manufacturer of automotive shop equipment that has been around for a long time. They are best know for heavy truck service equipment. We’ve been carrying their products for about 7 years now. They have a great reputation for quality.
When they came out with their automotive jack stands, we knew they had a winner. We knew this, because the design was already tried and tested and they always pay attention to detail.
They are designed for serious home hobby customers, as well as commercial auto shops. No shortcuts here. Just solid, steel construction, along with a proven design.
One look at the construction, the welds, the stout framework, and you know that you’ve got a product that is going to last.
They are rated at 3 tons capacity and have five different locking positions, with a maximum height of 21.5″
There are two different style saddles you can get. The traditional curved saddle, which is perfect for rounded jacking points, like an axle. Then there’s the popular flat top saddle, which includes a rubber saddle cushion to protect the vehicle’s frame.
Which ever model you choose, you are sure to be satisfied. These are the best Jack Stands on the planet.

Jack Stands