Exhaust Vent Systems – A Vital Piece For Your Shop

Auto shop owners who want to avoid having sick employees should consider getting a portable exhaust vent system to remove those harmful fumes from the garage.  The main culprit is Carbon Monoxide (CO). There are CO detectors that can warn you of high CO levels in your shop. There are also detectors that can tell you how high the levels are. OSHA can tell you what the maximum acceptable levels allowed are. There are all kinds of short term and long term chronic implications from breathing CO. The symptoms may at first be imperceptible. Some early and common side effects would be headaches. Difficulty breathing is another common symptom. The CO molecule attaches itself to the blood cells and prevent oxygen from being taken in. Long term exposure can lead to neurological disorders, and even lung cancer.
If you don’t provide a safe work environment for your employees, you risk not only unhealthy employees, but also citation from government regulators, and even lawsuits from affected employees.
Not only are you required to provide ventilation for your shop as a whole, but if you are running vehicles in your shop while the doors are closed, you must some form of exhaust vent fan that hooks up directly to the automobile’s exhaust pipe and blows it out side.
We carry two different portable Exhaust Vent Systems that prove effective in removing harmful fumes from your shop. So check them out.

RTI Exhaust Vent System