How do I Unload My Car Lift From The Delivery Truck?

This is probably our number one question we get from customers. Obviously, most home owners don’t have access to a forklift. And most of our Car Lifts are very heavy and cannot be unloaded piece by piece.

Some models can be unloaded by a truck with a liftgate. However most lift models are too big for a liftgate. This means we have no way to get it off the delivery truck for you.
Many people rent a fork lift to unload from truck, others a tow truck or tilt-bed or flat bed.
Anything that you can use to strap and hook package to unload it will work, as long as it can hold the weight.
Others have a bobcat, tractor or backhoe or some other piece of equipment at their disposal.
Some choose to pick up lift at their local carrier’s terminal.
They will contact you when it arrives at their terminal and then they will have it loaded into your trailer or truck. Then you can unload it at your leisure piece by piece when you get it home.
Whatever method you choose, it is well worth the effort!
We can provide a tracking number for your shipment that will allow you to contact the shipper to find out exactly when it is scheduled to arrive so that you can prepare in whatever way necessary, or to delay shipment if necessary. If these options are not viable for you, the final option is we can set you up with a local installer who can receive the product on your behalf, and then bring it out and install it for a fee. Installation fees will vary, depending on the model lift and other factors.
Please give us a call with any further questions, or when you’re ready to place your order.

See images below to view typical lift packages.

Car Lift Package

Automotive Lift Package