Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

This post was for 2016. – To view our 2019 sale, click here

It’s our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!
This has become our biggest event every year.  Customers can expect our best deals on some of our most popular products. And as always, there’s free shipping on most orders. Call us today to place your order. These deals are only here for a limited time (until Tuesday 11/29/16).



Blow-Out Special – MaxJax Two Post Lift – $1949
This unique lift is truly one of a kind. Nobody has anything like it. It’s perfect for the home / hobbyist who wants all the features of a two post lift, but doesn’t have adequate ceiling height, or wants a portable option.

MaxJax Lift

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The New MaxJacx MX-6 ALI Certified Lift – $2199
This is a new variation of the original and still popular MaxJax lift shown above. What’s the difference? – Well, the main differences are that this model is ALI certified, and boasts safety locks that automatically engage.

MaxJax MX-6 car lift
MaxJax MX-6 Lift

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AFF 536 Air Jack – Close-Out
Only $768. Regular Price $868.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.

Click here to view AFF 536 Air Jack


AFF Air jack


Sale on our most popular jack stands by ESCO
Our ESCO jack stands are our most popular jack stands. They are the finest jack stands you will ever see. And we’ve got them lower than they’ve ever been right now. There are several varieties to choose from. Flat saddle, curved saddle, or get one with a flat AND the curved saddle included.

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ESCO jack stands



AFF 3900A Pallet Jack

Only $529. Regular Price $576.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.

AFF pallet jack



Dannmar Two Post Lift Sale

Dannmar two post lifts are ALI Certified and are available in symmetric, asymmetric models. Plus, you can get them for less now than they’ve been all year!

  • D10AC – $2499
  • D10ACX – $2319
  • D10CX – $2319
  • D-9 – $2499


Click here to view Dannmar two post lifts


Alignment Lifts

Huge sale on many alignment lift models. Models range from 9,000 lb. capacity all the way up to 35,000 lb. four post models, along with 12,000 lb. scissor alignment racks.

4 post alignment rack



AFF 7688 Impact Wrench

Only $499. Regular Price $587.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.

AFF 7688 air impact wrench
Click here to view AFF 7688 Air Impact Wrench




Ranger QuickJack Car Lifts
Ranger QuickJack car lifts are our hottest item right now. They are the easiest, most efficient way to service a vehicle. And there are 3 sizes to choose from.


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Ranger QuickJack car Lift



AFF Floor Jack Sale
Some of our most popular hydraulic floor jacks are on sale right now. Choose from 2 ton all the way up to 10 ton. Some models even include a free pair of jack stands.


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AFF 200T floor jack



Lincoln Mig Welders

Lincoln is the best name in the business when it comes to welders. And our Lincoln Mig welders are on sale now at the lowest prices all year. Many different models to choose from. Choose from 70 amp up to 250 amp models.

Lincoln mig welders


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Heavy Duty Truck Transmission Jack – Only $1093

On sale now at the Lowest price all year! The popular Extreme heavy duty model 3180 truck transmission jack by AFF is on sale lower than it’s been in over a year at only $1093 with free shipping. This beast with handle almost any transmission out there with it’s robust 4400 lb capacity.


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AFF 31080A transmission Jack



BendPak Four Post Lift Models On Sale Now

Some select models of our BendPak 4 Post Lifts are also on sale right now. These are popular models for the Home Hobbyist customer, with safety features you won’t find on the typical lift.

Models on sale are –

  • HD-9 – $2895
  • HD-9XW – $3035
  • HD-9ST – 2850
  • HD-9STX – 2985
  • HD-7W – $3195
  • HD-7P – $3095


Click Here to view our BendPak four post lifts

BendPak 4 post HD9 lift



Dannmar Four Post Lifts – Lowest Prices This Year

Dannmar D-7 Series four post lifts are ALI Certified. Great for parking / storing one automobile over another, or for service and repair as well.  Dannmar D12 lifts are available in alignment , and standard 4 post lift models. And they are on sale now for less than they’ve been all year. –

  • D7  – $2300
  • D7X – $2349
  • D12 – $3799
  • D12A – $3999


Click Here to view Dannmar Four Post Lifts




ASEplatinum Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combos On Sale Now

Rugged, durable, reliable.
The ASEplatinum tire changers have features that you will find on many premium brand machines – but without the premium price.


Click Here to view our Tire Changer / Wheel Balancer Combos


Dannmar D-7 Four Post Lifts


Merrick Auto Dollies on Sale Now

Made in USA. Durable 1/4 inch thick steel construction. Premium finish that won’t chip and peel off. Superior quality wheels with ball bearing casters. Plus, when you upgrade to the heavy duty caster option, they have ball bearings in the axle of the wheels, for the smoothest, easiest rolling wheel dolly on the market. Plus, they’ve never been cheaper than they are right now. there are several different sizes to choose from.


Click Here to view Merrick Auto Dollies

Merrick Auto Dollies



Free Impact Wrench with AFF 565E Air Jack

AFF knows how to make professional quality air jacks that can hold up to years of abuse. Right now, we are offering a FREE heavy duty air impact wrench when you purchase any one of our favorite AFF air jack models. The Model 565E air jack, and get a FREE 3/4″ impact wrench
This is a killer deal!
Click Here to view 565E Air Jack
AFF 565E air Jack
Hand-Held Car Battery Jump Starter Sale
Our prices are always super low here at But when we throw in free stuff, people really love it. Well that’s what we’re doing. For a limited time, purchase the hugely popular JNC1224 and JNC950 commercial quality jump starters, and get the handy ESA30 Memory Saver Cord FREE!
This is a $39 Value!
This cord allows you to save vehicle presets and codes so you can disconnect the car’s battery to service it. Never lose your preset radio stations again!
These are the finest commercial quality battery booster packs on the market.
JUN 950 battery Booster Pack
 BendPak Two Post Lifts
Our BendPak 2 post lifts are some of the finest on the planet. And many models are on sale right now only until the end of the Month. Models on sale including –
  • XPR-10AS – $2950
  • XPR-10AS-LP – $2985
  • XPR-10S – $2920
  • XPR-10S-LP – $2950


Click Here to view BendPak 2 post lifts

BendPak 2 post Lifts



Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle / ATV Lift

This is our most popular motorcycle lift. Why? Because it includes every feature you could want, and then some….
Side extensions, front extension, wheel vise, drop down panel, rear support poles, and much more.
Plus, it raises higher than most lifts, and has a greater lifting capacity. It can be powered by air, or hydraulics.
Plus, it has retracting casters that allow you to roll it around even while loaded.

Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle ATV Lift

Click Here to view Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle Lift




Ranger Tire Changer Sale

Ranger (a division of BendPak) is also having a blow-out sale on select models. . They pack them with all kinds of features and capabilities, but they don’t skimp on quality. All machines boast a powerful 2 HP motor, along with premium components made to last. Parts are always available, plus, the warranty includes on-site service for a year.
Sale Models include –
  • R76ATR – $3595
  • R980AT – $3240
  • R76LT – $2190


Click Here to View Ranger Tire Changers

Ranger Tire Changers



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