Industry Recommendation – Change Your Wiper Blades Every Six Months

Just like the batteries in your smoke detectors, every year, industry experts recommend changing your windshield wiper blades every time you change your clocks for daylight savings time.

Visibility isn’t just an aesthetic value, it is a safety issue.  Regardless of whether you use them frequently or not, wiper blades don’t just wear from use, they also can degrade from exposure to dirt and oils, heat and sunlight, as well as ice and frozen precipitation. Add to that frequent fluctuations, of heating, freezing and thawing, and your blades can let you down when you need them most.

Many major manufacturers of wiper blades have improved the materials that modern blades are constructed of, and well as the design and construction of them as well. The improvements have allowed for greater longevity as well as improved performance. There are even some that are heated now!

When your visibility is enhanced, particularly on those occasions when the bright sun is glaring in on your windshield, you’ll be glad you performed your proper maintenance. This could just help you avoid finding your vehicle up on a Car Lift.