Jump N Carry With Air Battery Jump Starter

Technicians, Service Managers, Fleet Maintenance supervisors and even individuals who don’t want to get stranded would be wise to check out our Jump N Carry with Air by Clore Automotive.
We know, you’ve seen similar items at your local discount chain store for 1/4 the price. There’s a reason for that. Those bargain basement booster packs cannot do what the JNCAIR can. First of all, they simply do not have the power that the JNCAIR does. Most models you find out there have only about 250 cranking amps or less. That’s not enough to start your battery if you’re completely dead. What good is a jump starter if it won’t start you when you need it most?
Enter the Clore Automotive Jump N Carry with Air. It has more than enough power (1700 peak amps) to get you started, along with an air compressor to fill your tires with air. Not just some cheesy $10 compressor that will stop working after 3 months. This is a commercial quality Thomas Industries air compressor with solid steel forged components. It can inflate a 14 inch tire in 4 minutes. Sit there for 25 minutes with that bargain jumpstarter if you must. We’d rather get back on the road.
This is s true commercial quality jump starter. No shortcuts here. It utilizes the latest battery technology that maximizes the most cranking amps out of the smallest package. Industrial grade clamps, #4 gauge cables, and analog battery gauge and a durable case that won’t fall apart in a million pieces just because you dropped it. They were the original hand-held car battery booster pack on the market, and they’re still the best. Check it out today.

Jump N Carry with Air