More Types of Automotive Lifts – Part 2

Our previous post began with the different types of Automotive Lifts on the market today. We outlined two different types of lifts – In-Ground Lifts and Two Post Lifts.

This time, we will feature two other types of popular car lifts – the Four Post Lift and the Full Rise, Low Rise and Mid Rise Scissor Lift.

The four post lift is one of the most popular types of lift because of it’s features. It is a surface mounted lift that you can drive on and off very quickly and easily. It lifts to a full rise and allows access to most of the vehicle. It’s perfect for quick oil changes and for big jobs like transmissions and mufflers. A variation of the four post lift is the four post alignment lift. It integrates turn-plates into the front of the runways and slip-plates in the rear. However if you need access to the wheels for brakes and tire rotation, you will need to get an accessory like a rolling jack. A rolling jack is air powered and rolls up and down the length of the runways to correspond with the car’s jacking points on the frame. You’ll need two jacks to lift all four wheels off the runways. We have Four Post Lifts ranging from 7,000 lb. capacity up to 4,000 lbs.

Scissor Lifts are popular for several reasons. One of the main reasons a shop owner or individual will get a scissor lift is because they don’t have enough space for a two post or four post lift. Most scissor lifts take up much less floor space than other types of Car Lifts. They are frame engaging lifts that allow access to the wheels for brake jobs and tire rotations. They are also handy for body work. There are full rise scissor Lifts that allow complete access to the underside of the vehicle. These must be mounted to the concrete. Then there are portable low rise and mid rise scissor lifts. These are very popular with the brake shops and home hobbyists. They don’t have to be bolted down, and you can roll them around to where you need them. They also don’t take up much floor space. Many can operate off of 110 volts AC which is also convenient.

Stay tuned for our next installment where we’ll touch on Pit Lifts and Mobile Wheel Engaging Lifts.

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