New Customer Bend-Pak Four Post Lift Picture

We love receiving pictures from our customers. No, not pictures of themselves or their dogs or cats or pet birds. Although we did receive a picture of a customer’s dog once. What we really like to receive is pictures of their garage after they’ve installed their new car lifts.

This latest picture was submitted by Kevin Moak from Potomac, MD. He purchased a BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift. He also purchased the optional RJ45 rolling jacks, which are a great addition for servicing your car. They allow you raise the vehicle by the frame while it is on the lift, so you can gain access to the wheels for brake work, and tire rotations. So you see, these lifts are not only great for storing cars, they’re also great for servicing them as well! He also purchased the optional Aluminum approach ramps. These are an upgrade from the steel ramps. They are about half the weight of the steel ramps, so they are much easier to remove and re-mount.

So after you purchase your new car lift and you’ve installed it into your garage, go ahead and email us over a picture or two. And while you’re at it, go ahead and include a few words about it. We appreciate the feedback, and you’ll enjoy the bragging rights.


2 thoughts on “New Customer Bend-Pak Four Post Lift Picture

  1. If you want to have a car lift in your garage, four post lifts are the easiest to install. They can be considered a large bed on which the car is raised. Many come with rollers so they can be moved around the garage. The disadvantage is they offer the least access to the car. The car is raised on its wheels. So if you want to do wheel work you need as well bottle jacks that sit on a cross beam to raise the car on the lift itself. These units are big and take up a lot of room in a small garage.

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