New Customer Four Post Lift Pictures

Customers love sharing their pictures of their garages with us, and of their car lifts as well. It’s great because it gives us an opportunity to view these products in a real world application, not just some manufacturer’s Photoshop touched up image. When these customers include a testimonial, it also can give some needed insight into factors that new potential buyers may not have considered, such as some feedback on what was involved with the installation, or delivery.
These new pictures are from Michael Smith in Portsmouth, VA.
“I ordered the BendPak HD-9STX Four Post Lift, RJ-45 air bridge jack, and the set of plastic drip trays from you guys late last year. The lift works great so far, and I’ve already pulled a transmission and replaced a clutch on an M3. I’ve included some pictures of the car lift. Once it warms up I’ll get you some better pics of it with my Healey and M3 on and under it. Thanks for your great service”.

Check out the image below –

Four Post Lift