New Customer Two Post Lift Picture

This is yet another customer testimonial along with some pictures. This customer purchased a BendPak XPR-18C Two Post Lift. The features and quality of the BendPak two post lifts have been well documented on our web site over the course of the past 15 years that we have been selling them. BendPak is the leading name in automotive lifts, and their XPR series of two post lifts are unequalled in quality and features. Everything from taller lift carriages to larger pulleys and the best power unit in the business. And don’t forget about the BendPak warranty.
Here’s what Darin Acre, the service manager from Murray’s Ford in DuBois, PA said about his purchase –
“The BendPak Lift is an terrific product. It is really strong, easy to operate and safe. I recommend it to anyone in the truck repair business. As a matter of fact, we liked it so much, we just got another one! You guys at ASE have always been very helpful, fair and honest”.

BendPak Two Post Lift