New Extra High Lifting Four Post Automotive Lift

Home Hobbyist four post lift customers have had the choice of an extra high lifting model for several years now. They typically desire the extra lifting height because they want to park a taller vehicle underneath and another car on top. If you’ve got a taller automobile, like an SUV or truck, and you need to park it underneath the automotive lift, you can’t get by with the standard height models. You need an extra high lifter. We carry three different manufacturers, and all three offer an extra high lifting 4 post lift. But all of these lifts are made for home / hobby applications. Nobody really offered a commercial four post lift that has the extra high lifting feature. Until now.
Bend Pak has recently come out with their HD-14TL extra high lifting four post lift that is a 14,000 lb. capacity lift that lifts an extra foot higher than the standard model. There are certain customers who desire this feature in commercial auto shops, and then again, there are also some home car enthusiasts who need the extra heavy capacity, or the larger dimensions for the heavy duty capacity for their full size, long bed or crew cab trucks. It’s got the same dimensions as the standard HD-14 four post lift, except for the column height, and the lifting height. The columns are 100 inches tall and the height to the underside of the runways when the lift is raised all the way to maximum lifting height is 82 inches. One factor you should realize when reviewing that particular specification is that the top locking position is actually four inches lower than the maximum lift height. So the actual clearance underneath the runways when at the top locking position is 78 inches.
BendPak is always innovating and is a leader in manufacturing Automotive Lifts. If there’s a need out there, they are sure to fill it.

HD14TL Automotive Lifts

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  1. My 2004 Chevy full size Suburban (2500) appears to be 80″ to the top of the luggage rack. The unit above appears not to be tall enough. Do you have another suggestion?

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