New Extra Height Lifting Four Post Lift By BendPak

BendPak has done it again. They are constantly innovating and creating new products for different applications. When they came out with their HD9 series of Four Post Lifts, they had four different models to choose from; a standard model, and extra wide model, and then an extra high lifting version of each. Typically, with the extra high lifting models, the lift would also be extra long as well. Many customers wanted an extra high lifting model that wasn’t extra long. The problem is that with traditional engineering, four post lifts need to have two feet of runway for every one foot of lifting height. BendPak had to re-engineer in order to come up with a four post car lift design that would provide the extra lifting height needed without adding any length to the runways. Finally, customers who wanted the height without the length are happy! Go ahead and park your vehicles and don’t worry about the length. BendPak and have got you covered. View the owner’s manual here.

Four Post Lift