New Jet Blast Tank By Cyclone For Bead Seating Tires

Did you ever have a hard time seating the bead of a tire on your Tire Changer? Many modern rim clamp tire changers have an air tank in the back of the unit, and hoses that lead from the air tank to the jaws that clamp onto the rims of the wheel. Once you’ve mounted the tire to the rim, the next procedure is to step on a pedal to shoot a rapid blast of air into the tire to seat the bead of the tire while it is on the turntable.

Problem is, sometimes this can be a difficult process for various reasons. Many rims are shaped and contoured in such a way that the direction the air jets on the jaws are configured, much of the air blast ends up shooting out the other side of the tire. Sometimes the air tank on the tire changer just isn’t large enough to handle full size truck tires.

In these cases, many customers get a jet blast tank to assist. These jet blast tire bead seating tanks are stand alone air tanks that have a nozzle on them to assist in seating the bead of the tire.  We carry the new Cyclone Tire Bead Seating Tank made by the same folks who invented the popular Cheetah valve tanks. This five gallon tank has a proprietary butterfly valve that assures rapid and complete air exchange. Air gauge and easy to adjust nozzle make operating this thing a breeze. And don’t worry, this thing works on tires up to 24.5″.
And the best part? – It’s Made in the USA.

Cyclone Tire Bead Seater Tank

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