New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements

Tire pressure Monitoring Systems have been required on all new vehicles for the past couple of years. The new RediSensor tire pressure monitoring system from Continental is causing quite a stir. The reason is that it offers an effective piece of equipment that doesn’t require any special installation tools that many other TPMS systems require. It fits a wide range of cars and trucks and makes life a lot easier for technicians and is reliable for consumers as well.
It works with all major scan tools and doesn’t require any special programming. It even re-learns quickly  to the specific vehicle, much like an OE sensor. According to the manufacturer, it is ready right out of the box. Plus, it fits a wide variety of cars and trucks.
They presented the product at the AAPEX show, and it was a hit. Expect this product to be the choice of most shops when the car is up on the Auto Lift, and the wheel is on the Tire Changer. Anything that increases productivity and makes the technicians life easier always sells well.
We’re asking technicians out there, What do you think of this new technology? Is this really as significant an advancement in technology as the manufacturer states? Let us know.

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