New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift

I’ve been waiting for a lift like this!

That’s what we’ve been hearing from customers since we started carrying the new iDeal MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift . It’s part pallet jack, part forklift, and 100 percent smart. This lift is an intelligent choice for auto shops or salvage yards, or anybody who wants to raise a disabled vehicle out on their lot. You simply roll it out to the vehicle that you want to raise, slide it underneath the vehicle from the side, position the pads where you need them and then just raise it up.  Once raised, you have nearly complete access to the underside of the car. Plus, it provides you a generous lifting height of 69 inches.  It must be on a level surface and extra care should be taken when a longer / heavier vehicle is raised to the higher heights. It’s powered off of 110 v AC.
It’s not perfect for every situation, but it sure serves the purpose for a wide variety of scenarios and as you can see, it is obviously an extremely handy car lift to have around.

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  1. Thank you for your interest in our products.
    The current sale price for the MSC-6K lift is $2790 with free shipping.
    That is your total.
    You must be able to offload it from the delivery truck when it arrives.
    Please contact me with any further questions.
    I look forward to serving you.

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