Old Cars Price Guide

One handy trade publication we highly recommend is Old Cars Weekly magazine. We like it so much, we frequently advertise in it. They post articles catering to classic car enthusiasts who want tips on modifying their favorite vintage ride, and other related subjects.
They also put out frequent Price Guide Issues. These issues are dedicated to placing a value on most of the favorites, and even the obscure collector cars.
They even have an assessment guide in the beginning of the price guide issue that informs you how to evaluate and determine the condition or grade of the vehicle.
The premium condition would be EXCELLENT. A car in excellent condition is in the finest possible restored condition. In a show, it would receive 95 points or more. These are the best cars that usually win top awards.
FINE – Cars in Fine condition will show minimal wear. They have been restored to a superior condition and may even appear to be as good as a car in excellent condition at first glance, but once inspected further, you will see some minor flaws. Usually, these vehicles will have low miles.
VERY GOOD – An original model that is completely operational or a restored model that shows some wear. May be a car that an amateur has obviously spent considerable time on caring for. May need some more work to become complete. This is what the experts might call a “20 footer”. Meaning that it looks good from 20 feet away, but once you get closer, you may notice wear from polishing over the years, and overall appearance is just not as sharp as it once was.
GOOD – This automobile is drivable, and may only need minor vwork to be functional. It may be a poor amateur restoration, or a restored model that has not been restored to it’s full potential. The owner may drive it around, but from 20 feet, it’s obvious it needs significant work
RESTORABLE – Body needs to be completely restored. Same for the interior and chassis. It needs most everything to restore it. But it’s not degraded to the point that it is only good for parts. Typically, it’s not operable. This is a serious project that requires a lot of TLC. You need a lot of free time if you want to tackle this project.
PARTS CAR – Usually not a running car. It is wrecked, weathered, or just worn to the point that it’s only purpose is to salvage it for parts. Probably rusty and of little or no value to anybody but a person looking to put it up on an Automotive Lift to scavenge for parts.