Latest Motion Picture Connection – The Other Guys

We explained to you previously how we supplied a BendPak four post lift to the upcoming Will Farrell / Mark Wahlberg Sony / Columbia Pictures film, The Other Guys. We told you we would notify you when it was set for release. Latest word is that it will premier on August 6th 2010. This soon to … Continue reading “ Latest Motion Picture Connection – The Other Guys”

BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift Comparison

Customers are always asking us, “What makes the BendPak Lift better than brand XYZ?” There are so many answers to that question that it’s tough to give a short answer. It requires an in-depth, thoughtful answer that cannot be condensed down to a short, simple answer. Since the BendPak HD-9 four post Lifts were made … Continue reading “BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift Comparison” Latest Ad In PTEN Magazine

This is yet another installment of our trade magazine advertisements. We began posting our trade publication ads several posts ago and found that readers were interested in seeing more of them. As mentioned in an earlier post, we have been advertising in various trade magazines for many years now, and our reach has been widespread. … Continue reading “ Latest Ad In PTEN Magazine”

BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift

If you’re a lube shop owner, you need this lift. It’s the BendPak P6 Pit Lift. While this Car Lift is made to straddle pits in oil change and lube shops, that’s not it’s only use. Many shop owners that don’t have a pit will get it for performing body work, brake work and tire rotations. Like … Continue reading “BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift”

BendPak Exhaust Tube Benders

If you’re in the market for an Exhaust Tube Bender, you would be wise to check out our Exhaust Pipe Benders by BendPak. What makes BendPak pipe benders so good? To start with, only quality components go into every bender. They don’t take any shortcuts. They’ve been at it for over three decades, so they should know … Continue reading “BendPak Exhaust Tube Benders”

BendPak Lift Color Options

Some people want options. Auto shop owners and home hobbyists who purchase our BendPak Lifts will ask for all kinds of options / accessories. Sometimes it’s truck adapters for their two post lifts, (which come standard on all Bend Pak Lifts). Other times, a home hobbyist will purchase the optional caster kit for their four post … Continue reading “BendPak Lift Color Options”

New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift

I’ve been waiting for a lift like this! That’s what we’ve been hearing from customers since we started carrying the new iDeal MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift . It’s part pallet jack, part forklift, and 100 percent smart. This lift is an intelligent choice for auto shops or salvage yards, or anybody who wants to raise a … Continue reading “New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift”

Ranger R980X Tire Changer

Ranger has a new tire changer. The R980X Tire Changer has all the great features that auto shop owners want, and even has a warranty that includes on-site service for one year, similar to many top-of-the-line tire changer manufacturers out there. But there is one major difference – Price. Ranger hit the ball out of … Continue reading “Ranger R980X Tire Changer” Bahamas Car Lift Connection

We here at take pride in the wide variety of customers we’ve supplied equipment to over the past 14 years. We’ve supplied lifts to may different countries and to many different types of customers, from Hollywood movie sets, such as the Denzel Washington, John Travolta hit; The Taking of Pelham 123, to Universal Studios … Continue reading “ Bahamas Car Lift Connection”