Popular Accessory For Your BendPak Lift

We have been selling BendPak Lifts for many years now, and each type of car lift has it’s own features that make it popular and useful. Some lifts, like our two post lifts, are popular because they offer a full rise, so that you can stand up straight when working underneath them. All the while, two post lifts offer you the greatest access to the car.
Several of our lifts are specialty lifts, and are made for specific purposes.
Our SP-7X full rise scissor lift by BendPak offers a full 69 inches of lifting height, along with complete under-car access. People who get this lift want it for the same capabilities of the two post lift, but want it to take up less space in their garage.
Then there’s the Low Rise Lift. It’s a pad lift that raises up to 29 inches. It’s great for body work, along with tire and brake work. But it won’t give you complete access to the underside of the vehicle.
Then there’s the P-6 Pit Lift. It does offer complete access to the underside of the vehicle. Like the LR-60 low rise lift, it is a pad lift. Typically, it is used in lube shops to straddle the pit.
These last three models have one thing in common. They are all pad style lifts. The vehicle frame rests on these pads. Usually, the distance between those pads is at the perfect distance apart to handle most typical vehicles. However, some vehicles might have jacking points that are closer together than the pads are.
That is where the LR-4A arm kit comes in. The kit consists of four steel arms that grab onto the outer edge of the lift pad, and then cut across the pad, and into the space between the two pads. They can slide up and down the length of the pad, and they come with rubber lift blocks that you can adjust to meet the vehicle jacking points.
Most vehicle jacking points fall within the area of the pads on the lift, but for those special situations where they don’t, the LR-4A arm kit is the accessory you need. If you get a BendPak Lift with pads, you may want to consider the LR-4A arm kit.

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