Popular Two Post Automotive Lift Accessories – Part 1

This is part one of a two part series.

Many customers who purchase one of our two post lifts typically ask what optional accessories they should get. All of our two post lifts come with truck adapters and mounting hardware. Basically, everything you need except for hydraulic oil. They don’t include hydraulic oil due to Hazmat shipping concerns.
There are some very popular accessories that people to purchase for use with their new Automotive Lift. See below for some of the more popular items.

Frame cradle pad adapters. The pads that come with the lift are the standard square steel pads with a rubber slip-on pad over it. For those customers who want a pad that will actually grab onto the car, and prevent a rounded surface, like an axle, from slipping off, this is the option for you. They have a rubber pad in the base.

Frame Cradle Pad Adapters

Screw Pad Adapters. The adapters that come with the BendPak and Dannmar two post lifts come in 3 inch increments. Usually, for most customers and most situations, this level of adjust-ability is sufficient. However there are situations, and some customers that call for more precision. For those customers who want to have infinite adjust-ability, the screw pad adapters are for you.

Screw Pad Adapters

Tall Jack Stands. Some people call them pole jacks or screw jacks. whatever you call them, they are one accessory you should not be without when you are under a two post lift.  They are used for both stabilization and safety. They have an adjustable screw mechanism to adjust the height. Some have a foot pedal for hands free adjustments. You can get a 1600 lb capacity with a single pole and a round base, or you can get a tripod stand with a 4500 lb. capacity. We recommend at least two. In a perfect world, for would always be used.

Tall Jack Stands

Oil Drains. There is probably not a more popular accessory for a two post lift than an oil drain. Who wants to hold a bucket over their head when they’re changing oil? Nobody.  Oil drains are vital in an auto shop.  And there’s a huge selection to choose from. Starting with the 8 gallon oil drains. Just a reservoir on wheels, with a long neck, and a funnel on top. Then you can move on up to larger sizes with additional features, like hand pumps to evacuate them, or connections for your air lines so you can drain them with air pressure. Then, there are even models with dip stick probes, so that you can drain the car’s oil through the dipstick tube. No need to pull the drain plug.

Oil Drain

Part two will address some more valuable accessories.