Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fans

It’s that time of year again! Summer is here. Auto shop owners across the nation are doing everything they can to help keep their technicians cool on these hot, steamy dog days of summer. But traditional methods just aren’t practical. Air conditioning cant cool off large open spaces that well, and it can get very expensive.

Enter portable evaporative cooling fans by Coolspace. You’ve seen these fans all over the place. On the sidelines at sporting events, at trade shows and fairs, at farms and so many other applications, for one simple reason – They Work!

They don’t just blow air like a traditional fan does. They cool the air that goes through it by running the air flow through a pad that has absorbed cool water. This process, (called evaporative cooling) is a very effective way to cool the air, much like the way our bodies cool themselves off by perspiring.

Coolspace has a wide selection of models to choose from to meet almost any application. Including a large 48 inch fan that can effectively cool off a space of up to 4000 square feet. And they are remarkably affordable.

Now is the time to act. if you wait too long, summer will be over. Call us today at 800-229-6218. Remember, the more comfortable your technician is, the more productive he will be.

Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fan