Power Door Locks Repairs

In the not too distant past, power door locks were only found in luxury cars. As technology advanced and made these products more affordable, more and more manufacturers began including them in their mid priced and lower priced vehicles.
Now, there are power locks not only on doors, but hatchbacks, liftgates, trunks and even liftgate glass on SUV’s.

As always, when advancements in technology adds a new product or feature to make life easier, it also means that there’s just one more thing that can go wrong. And this means more profits for auto shop owners and dealerships.

Any electromechanical part has potential for a wide range of problems.  When troubleshooting these parts to determine the cause of the problem, you should check several things first, including starting with attempting to open the door with the key first. Sometimes we overlook the simplest things.
Make sure the battery is providing current to the device. Check the switch, and then the linkage. Check wiring and any connections. Sometimes is something as simple as a loose connection or corrosion due to moisture. Also check the actuator.
Once you’ve established the problem, don’t rest on your laurels. You still should check to other components to correct any potential future problems down the road.
When you do your repairs, it’s best to use OEM parts to avoid any issues.
Customers expect that when they bring their car into your establishment, you are competent enough to get the Job done right the first time. They don’t like seeing their car up on an Auto Lift for the same service twice in one week.

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Source – Counter Man Magazine