Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops

Lube shops across the country have requested a lift that allows full access to the vehicle from the underside, for quick oil changes from below in a pit, as well as access to the sides, for brake and body work.
They now have it in the BendPak P-6 and P-6F pit lift.
Obviously no one style of lift is ideal for every possible situation. Two post lifts are probably the most popular as they allow the greatest access to the vehicle for service purposes, and they are a full rise lift.
Four post lifts are great for pulling on and off quickly. They give a full rise, and are great for when you are removing large, heavy components, and the weight distribution might change rapidly and dramatically, such as when you are removing a transmission.
The most popular lift for lube shops is a pit lift. Technicians can go down into the pit, and have complete access to the underside of the vehicle for oil changes, etc…
Pit Lifts have the added benefit of allowing access to the wheels for brake work, and access to the sides for body work at a convenient working height for this type of work.
There is also a flush mount model for those shops that want it to be flush with the floor. The flush mount model BendPak Lift is the model P6-F.
These lifts are not just popular with lube shops. Many home / hobbyists like it for the above mentioned features. You can view the owner’s manual as well.

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