Recent Customers – Car Lifts and More

People are interested in notable customers who purchase products from us. It’s an indication of the reach of our advertising efforts along with illustrating our reputation amongst industry professionals.
Here is a brief list of just a tiny portion of our more recent customers, taken from a sample of purchases within the last month, (August).

The US Coast Guard out of Mobile, AL just purchased a  Dannmar D-10ACX Two Post Lift. This an asymmetric, 10,000 lb. clearfloor lift by one of our more notable car lift manufacturers, Dannmar.

Olympic National Park, out of Port Angeles, WA purchased a quantity of 25 of our Jump N Carry 4000 hand-held jump starters.

US Navy out of Japan just purchased a quantity of four of our Solar PL-2216 Battery chargers.

Continental Airlines purchased a BendPak Exhaust Pipe Bender for their facilities in Newark, New Jersey.

Kern County Schools out of Kernville, CA purchased an IDEAL MSC-6K portable Car Lift from us in August.

Montebello Unified School District purchased several items, including a set of 12″ Auto Dollies, a Ranger transmission jack, and a Jump N Carry Jump Starter.

One Stop Garden Shop out of Barbados purchased a Kleen Tec KT 1435 Parts washer. This is an aqueous, (water based) parts washer.

Tennessee Air Guard purchased a John Dow JDI-LP4 low profile oil drain, along with the optional air evacuation, drain kit.

Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities out of St. Clairsville, OH purchased  a BendPak HD14X Four Post Lift. This is their extra long model. They also purchased some of the more popular accessories, including the air bridge jack.

US Air Force out of Scott Air Force Base out of IL purchased our KleenTec KT2200SS Paint Gun Cleaner.

Manatee County Schools out of Bradenton, FL purchased our AFF 8890 Oil Drain.

This is just a small sample of our more recent customers. As you can see, the list spans across a wide range of different types of customers, from individuals, the government agencies, to large corporations.

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Dannmar Two Post Lift