Recycle Antifreeze And Save Your Shop Money

Recycling your auto shop’s waste antifreeze can save you money. That headline alone should be sufficient to get your attention. Garage owners are constantly looking for new revenue streams and ways to cut spending. This is a realistic and viable way to do both. Most shops currently pay someone for the service of disposing of their waste antifreeze. this costs a significant amount of money. Now you don’t have to dispose of it anymore. now has two different antifreeze recycling units to allow you to recycle your waste antifreeze. Antifreeze can be recycled to like new condition through various filtering and osmosis processes and by adding a few additives you have a perfectly good product. So not only will you save money by not having to unload all of your waste antifreeze, you also won’t have to purchase nearly as much new antifreeze. It’s a win / win situation for any shop owner. We have machines that recycle in batches from 25 to 50 gallons, and we have units that hook directly up to the vehicle to recycle each vehicle’s antifreeze individually. Our batch recyclers are manufactured by KleenTec and our vehicle recycler is made by Viper. Both are highly respected names in the industry.
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AF250 Antifreeze Recycler

Viper Antifreeze Recycling Unit