RTI ATF Boost Fluid Exchanger

We’ve been carrying RTI Technologies products for many years now. One of the most popular line of products is their line-up is their Transmission Fluid Exchanger.
They exchange the transmission fluid faster than ever with their new “Boost” technology. This technology incorporates a diaphragm pump that reduces the backup from the transmission pump. Pressure is therefore increased, reducing exchange times dramatically. Especially in low pressure systems and in low temperature situations. And we all know, time is money.
It has a unique design that does not apply pressure to the inlet side of the car’s transmission pump. It does this without the potential of harming the vehicle’s transmission.
The RTI Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine will reduce service times down to 4 to 5 minutes. That’s pretty fast.
Also available is a model that offers a dipstick probe that allows you to exchange the fluid by just dipping a wand down the dipstick tube. No need to hook up to the cooler line. Now we’re getting even faster!

RTI Transmission Fluid Exchanger