Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier

Too busy during the week to get that nagging problem with your car fixed? Maybe your boss won’t allow you the necessary time off to take your car to the shop. Well, don’t fear anymore. At least one car manufacturer is trying to make it easier to get your car serviced. If your schedule isn’t flexible enough to bring your car into the shop on weekdays, you may soon be able to do so on weekends (Saturdays anyway). At least, that’s if Chrysler has it’s way.
They are keeping their parts distribution centers (20 locations) opened on Saturdays in an effort to nudge auto dealerships into maintaining Saturday hours. As you know, most dealers don’t keep their service departments opened on weekends. Many independent auto shops have kept open schedules on weekends, but for some reason, the idea never caught on with the dealerships. When you add to that the fact that the independent garage owners typically have lower labor rates, the dealers have a difficult time competing. Chrysler is hoping this move will even the odds somewhat.
One factor that came in to play was the fact that car dealers haven’t been able to rely on car sales as much since the economy took a downturn. So they are hoping that raising some cars up on the Auto Lifts on Saturdays will help boost revenues. One of the ways they encouraged some dealers to open their service doors on Saturdays was to go out and take pictures of Chrysler automobiles being serviced on competitors Automotive Lifts and tires being mounted on a Tire Changer. Nothing sticks in your craw like somebody taking something that you feel should be yours. Chrysler indicates that the locations that have opened on Saturdays have seen a significant increase in sales. More than enough to prove that it is a profitable venture, along with being convenient for the consumer.

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