Superbowl A Time For Car Manufacturers To Shine

The Superbowl is known these days almost as much for it’s expensive TV commercials as it is for the football game itself. And some of the biggest spenders on these commercials are automobile manufacturers. Their ads aren’t typically the most creative ones of the game, (remember the GoDaddy ads?) but they are the more numerous ads.
Hyundai Motors has one of the more notable ads for this year’s game. It is a creative and different ad that you are surely more likely to remember than the typical car ad. This campaign centers on the theme that the automobile industry has conditioned consumers to purchase boring vehicles (in the compact car market) that have no character or personality. They accuse the industry of losing it’s inspiration long ago, churning out cookie cutter cars that have similar features and none of the flair and innovation of earlier years.
The three of ads center on a session of a group of consumers in therapy intimating that they are hypnotized and that they need to be deprogrammed. The solution to the rut they are in is to purchase the Elantra which is supposed to cure what ails them. The campaign, which began in the AFC championship game, is called “Snap Out Of It” and is sure to cause a stir.
Let us know if you see any ads for Auto Lifts. Our advertising budget isn’t quite that large just yet. Give us a few more years.